Phrozn is static site generator written in PHP.

The idea is very simple:

You write text files in your favorite format (Textile, Markdown, Twig, Haml etc), in your favorite environment (Vim, Vim, or Vim etc), spice them with styles (again, in format of your choice - CSS, LESS, or SASS), feed all this to Phrozn, and it will create static HTML site ready to be published.

To get you up to speed Getting Started guide has been written.


Why Phrozn?

For those who are new to static site generators, here is why you may want to use them:

Ok, then again why Phrozn?


Phrozn is not the only generator in the block, but definitely the best one written in PHP :)

Seriously, Phrozn was created because I couldn't find any decent static site generator in PHP. There are plenty of them written in Python and Ruby though, and I reviewed their source code when implementing Phrozn.

So, on the shoulders of giants we stand:

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