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Phrozn executable phr comes with extensive documentation by itself.

When in doubt:

  $ phr help
  usage: phrozn <command> [options] [args]

  Type 'phrozn help <command>' for help on a specific command.
  Type 'phrozn ? help' for help on using help.

You can use phr and phrozn executables interchangeably.
Personally, I prefer much shorter phr alternative.

phr help

To get help on particular command use phr help <command> or phr ? <command>.

So, to get help on using help command:

    $ phr ? help

Help on specific commands also contains verbose mode, which produce more elaborated version of docs:

    $ phr ? -v help
    $ phr help -v help
    $ phr help -v init
    $ phr help -v up

phr init

This command is used to initialize Phrozn project. It creates necessary folder structure and config files:

    $ mkdir my-phrozn-project
    $ cd my-phrozn-project
    $ phr init

Or you can specify project directory explicitly:

    $ mkdir my-phrozn-project
    $ phr init my-phrozn-project

As you see, if project directory not specified current one is assumed.

For further info:

    $ phr ? init

phr update

Update command is used to create/update static site representation of your project. By far, this is a command you will invoke most often.

phr up accepts two arguments: the first one is input directory containing Phrozn project, and the second one is output directory. However, since both arguments default to current working directory, you generally omit them altogether:

    $ cd my-phrozn-project
    $ phr up

For further info:

    $ phr ? up

phr single

Single command is used to create/update a single static page.

phr single accepts three arguments: the first one is input file to process, the second one is the source directory and the third one is the output folder. However, latest two arguments are optional and use the current working directory, you generally omit them altogether:

    $ cd my-phrozn-project
    $ phr single path/to/my/file.ext

For further info:

    $ phr ? single

phr clobber

This command locates and removes Phrozn project directory, effectively deleting all user generated content.

    $ cd my-phrozn-project
    $ phr clobber

You can manually simulate the clobber command by removing project directory .phrozn manually.

USE WITH CAUTION!! Once you purge the project, all changes are lost (albeit they are preserved in repo).

For further info:

    $ phr ? clobber

phr bundle

Phrozn bundles are just archived directories with pluggable code that can be applied to any Phrozn project. Functionality contained within bundle is decoupled from the rest of the project, thus can be effortlessly reused.

For instance, consider that you've implemented some processor for Project A. Moving that implementation to bundle will allow you to apply the very same processor to any future project using single phr bundle command.

Make sure you run phr bundle command from within Phrozn project directory (directory containing .phrozn) or from within .phrozn folder itself.

Bundle command accepts 4 different subcommands: list, info, apply, clobber

phr bundle list

Used to list bundles. Common use cases include:

    $ cd my-phrozn-project

    List all available bundles (both installed and not installed):
    $ phr bundle list
    $ phr bundle list -a
    $ phr bundle list --all

    # List all installed bundles:
    $ phr bundle list -i
    $ phr bundle list --installed

    # List all not yet installed bundles:
    $ phr bundle list -i
    $ phr bundle list --installed

When listing bundles you may pass bundle name as additional parameter. bundle list command is smart enough to filter results using provided search string.

For example, to list all installed bundles having "test" sting in their names:

    $ phr bundle list -i test
    $ phr bundle list --installed test

phr bundle info

This command is used to get full info about bundle:

    $ phr bundle info test
    Phrozn 0.1.38 by Victor Farazdagi

    | Param       | Value                                                              |
    | id          | processor.test                                                     |
    | name        | Test                                                               |
    | description | Test processor plugin - used to demonstrate how new text processor |
    |             | might be added to Phrozn                                           |
    |             |                                                                    |
    | version     | 1.0                                                                |
    | author      | Victor Farazdagi                                                   |

phr bundle apply

Apply bundle to the current Phrozn project:

    $ cd my-phrozn-project

    # Install bundle from official repository:
    $ phr bundle apply processor.test

    # Install bundle from file:
    $ phr bundle apply /path/to/bundle.tgz

    # Install bundle from URL:
    $ phr bundle apply

Phrozn will download, extract and copy files located in bundle into project directory.

phr bundle clobber

Phrozn keeps track of what files have been installed/copied on bundle apply step.

Should you need to remove previously installed bundle - it is trivial:

    $ cd my-phrozn-project
    $ phr bundle clobber processor.test

For further info:

    $ phr ? bundle

Alternatively, if you want to see phr bundle examples as well:

    $ phr ? bundle -v
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