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Discussing in eXo Chat by Sending and recieving instant messages induces to register the chat messages history which could be easily accessible later through the chat room. In the left pane, at the header section select to create a new chat room. One information message is shown on the chat zone. You can also update your status via the eXo Chat mobile application, you just need to click on the current status to display the list of possible chat statuses. On the chat zone, the quoted message will look like .

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Confirm the chat room leave by clicking on Yes button. Enter your question into the field, then click Ask to submit your question. The number of loaded chat messages is set by default to 200, it could be configurable in exo. Away You are online, and another can talk to you, but you will not reply for. Note A back button allows you to return to the list of your chat rooms. Searching discussions on mobile is also feasible. To view the list of participants in a defined chat room, after making the last action, select Show participants:.

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To open eXo Chat in a mobile device, you just need to click on the chat icon in the top navigation of eXo Platform. Tip When you scroll up into the mini chat discussion and that your interlocutor sends you new chat messages, a badge with the number of unread messages appears near to the display name: To open the chat in another tab i. When the loading icon disapears this means that the 200 messages was loaded and you can read. Read the Docs v: Enter your question into the field, then click Ask to submit your question. Also, you can make your messages more lively by:

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Dirofilaria immitis, "ver du coeur" du chien et du chat. est due à des vers (nom scientifique: Dirofilaria immitis, groupe des filaires) dont les adultes vivent dans.

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Here is summary of what eXo Chat brings: Discussions: Create quick conversation with your contacts, from group to specific person. Status: Don't want to be.

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