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Outcomes measured immediately after the intervention eighth-grade follow-up survey were collected during the 2013—2014 school year from the 14 cohort 1 schools and during the 2014—2015 school year from the single cohort 2 school. Reducing sexual risk behavior in adolescent girls: Accessed May 25, 2015. We reported regression-adjusted mean probabilities, with statistical significance considered at a P value of less. Sixth, the lack of longer-term, sustained behavior change might be attributed to adolescents increased independence from family and becoming more embedded in peer culture and norms, factors that are beyond the influence of many adolescent pregnancy prevention programs. Perspect Sex Reprod Health.

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Evaluation of Healthy Futures in three northeastern Massachusetts cities: Reducing sexual risk behavior in adolescent girls: We made no adjustments for multiple hypothesis testing because of the single primary outcome of ever having vaginal sex at the eighth-grade follow-up, which was set before the analysis. The sixth-grade curriculum included 1 class on puberty and reproduction and 1 class on bullying prevention; the 2 seventh-grade classes covered dating violence prevention; and the 2 eighth-grade classes covered mental health promotion and suicide prevention. Data Collection and Measures Implementation measures. Sessions were offered during regularly scheduled health or physical education classes and used interactive teaching strategies to engage youths, including lectures, discussions, role play, skits, and multimedia. We also analyzed secondary outcomes using the same method, and we used the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure to adjust for multiple testing.

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Statistical Analyses We analyzed data from all participants based on their initially assigned status, regardless of participation, in accordance with the intent-to-treat framework. Differential effects of the Healthy Futures program on sexual risk knowledge, beliefs, behavioral intentions and behaviors by middle school vs. We need additional research to determine whether the gender and ethnicity effects observed would persist if the study were replicated elsewhere, with a different population, and by other health educators. We did not find a treatment group difference in the prevalence of ever having vaginal sex by the eighth-grade follow-up, although 2 of the 4 sensitivity analyses did demonstrate effectiveness. Adolescent public nuand Rebecca R. Theories and Methods on Behavioral Interventions. See the final report on the Office of Adolescent Health Web site for details on these other components.

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A pair of non-Nu-CULTURE health educators led each session. Students were eligible if they were (1) enrolled in sixth grade in 1 of the 15 participating public.

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